Back To School Makeup Routine Inspiration

I love the back to school season for so many reasons. In a way, it gives me a chance to start over and start fresh with my goals. It's sort of like a new  'new year' hahah! Oh, and you cannot forget the cute stationary. Even though I incline more on practicality of something rather than how cute it looks, there's no doubt you can find a good match of both these days- which makes schooling so much more fun!

I don't go to a regular school at the moment (I'm a distance learning student!). But if I would, this is how I'd wear my makeup to school everyday. It's pretty minimal, with a few multi-purpose items that are my personal favourites for when I'm on the go. 

I hope you can find some makeup inspiration for yourself from this routine, so- happy reading!


1. Moisturize 

I start by prepping my skin with a good moisturizer. Preferably with something that has SPF of some amount - considering Saudi's daily weather!

2. Conceal

Some of us don't need it, while some of us can't go without it. I'm definitely from the latter! Concealing is such an important step for me to look (and feel! ) fresh + presentable. I personally prefer using a light to medium coverage liquid concealer that also brightens while it covers. However, if you already have a favourite formula that you can't go wrong with, there's no reason to use something else! :D

3. Set

I then go on to set my concealer and moisturizer with a powder foundation. I have dry skin, so finding a powder foundation that didn't accentuate the dryness was a challenge since most powder foundations cater to normal/oily skins. Alhamdullilah, I did  end up finding one for me though! 

The one I use is the by Dior- Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25. This product deserves a review in and of itself (coming soon!) but for the time being, I will let you know that it's a must-have in my makeup collection. It gives the perfect amount of coverage for daily wear without having to use a foundation.

4. Brows
Eyebrows make a huge difference to the overall look and are especially more important when it comes to minimal makeup. I highly recommend trying a few different brow routines to see which works. You'll be amazed at the difference they make! I ignored my brows for the longest time but now, I can't go without doing something to them! I fill my brows with the Milani Brow Tint pen which is great for everyday- provides just the right amount of tint, frames my face, and I cannot go overboard with this when I'm on the run.

5. Curl lashes + Clear Mascara

I personally don't prefer wearing regular mascara daily because it can be quite a challenge to remove at the end of a tiring day. So I just curl my lashes and apply a clear mascara to give an awake look with lifted lashes.

6. White/Nude Waterliner

Next step, I line my waterline with a white or a nude pencil to make my eyes look fresh and awake. This doesn't work for everyone though as it depends on your skin tone. If you prefer black you can always wear that of course! Or just go plain if white and nude are both a bit harsh for the overall look you are going for. Alhamdullilah, it works for me so that's what I do!

7. Lip Balm

The last and final step I do is apply a nice moisturizing lip balm. You can also use a tinted lip balm for some colour if that's what you like ^_^

... and you're done!

If I have more time and want to take this up a notch, I like to apply Benefit's Benetint as blush and lip tint as an extra along with High Beam highlight for an extra fresh, put-together look. These two products are my favourite for on-the-go looks!

So, what do you think? How do you like to wear your daily makeup? I know some girls absolutely love their black kohl, and some can't go without their favourite lipstick/lip gloss. I'd love to know your routine!
Also, what are you most excited about for the new school year? Comment below and let me know! ^_^ 

Have a great day!

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Today is not a usual day for me to post, but that is because it includes quite a special announcement. :D

An awesome international giveaway!

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Beautiful pictures courtesy of the lovely Maryam


Ombre Swarovski handchain by Ar-Rawdah Jewels
Ombre Swarovski handchain by ArRawdah Jewels
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The complete prize in all it's glory!

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Favourite Of The Moment: Rimmel Lipstick in 214 Firecracker

You know how sometimes, we think we want something having a clear idea about it but then end up loving something else altogether? Yes, that is pretty much the story with this lipstick.

I've always thought that my to-go lipstick will be a MLBB- "My Lips But Better" kind of shade. Up until now, I haven't found my ideal MLBB so I didn't have a go-to lipstick as a result. Until I tried Rimmel's lipstick in Firecracker that is. (I know I probably sound way too dramatic than I should, but hey! That is  how the story goes hahah :D )

I shared a 'Show & Tell' on Instagram with this lipstick a few months ago. It was part of my *cough*splurge*cough* lipstick haul (lol!).

Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in Firecracker (214) is quite a unique colour. I would say it's in the Coral category, yet it lacks a kind of neon effect in the way coral colours are usually portrayed. 

It has the slightest hint of an almost 'burnt orange' that makes it one of a kind. It's far more wearable in person and on the lips than you see in the swatch (see pictures below). I am absolutely loving this right now! I kid you not- this has actually become my go-to lip colour! Something that I totally  did not expect. I can also see this looking amazing on a variety of skin tones (I am an NC15 in case you are wondering!).

Not only is this a beautiful shade but it is also non-drying, does not travel outside the lip line unnecessarily (a problem I've come across with quite a few lipsticks!), it makes your lips look lush, does not wear off in an unsightly manner, and has some of the best longevity I've experience with a lip product!

This goes with pretty much any kind of makeup look! It especially looks beautiful with a minimal, warm toned makeup look-- clean base, lightly bronzed face, peach blush, a neutral highlighter, champagne shadow, dark mascara, and this lipstick = love! At the same time, it looks equally fabulous with a heavier eye look! 

This lipstick is all the rage  in my makeup routine at the moment. Really!

Which makeup product has sweeping you off your feet these days? Share the love! ^_^

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― Haleh Banani

African Paradise Body Conditioner by Lush Cosmetics - Review

African Paradise is my first product from Lush that I've tried--- and finished entirely already!

Yes, it's that good.

This is an all natural body conditioner by Lush. Now, body conditioner is something we don't get to hear about every day, so allow me to explain...

Essentially, this body conditioner is to the body what hair conditioner is to hair. After washing the body with soap/shower gel as usual, you take some amount of this conditioner, smooth it over the body, and then rinse it off. Result: instant moisture!

You are free to skip your post-shower body moisturizer after using this- it's that good! If you find applying body moisturizer a chore- this will make hydrating your body ten times easier, quicker, and less messy!

Having dry skin issues day in and out, this conditioner relieved me from using my daily hand cream. Alhamdullilah. A good result with this product has held true for me, and I hope it does for you too!

Review card time!
Decide for yourself if you think this is something that will be worth a look :)

So, comment below and let me know- do you think this will be helpful in your body care routine? Why/why not? I'd love to know! ^_^

If you have dry skin issues like myself- do give this a try. I'm positive you'll benefit from it as much as I did!

In other news, I'm contemplating a regular 'chat' post series of sorts on here like I'm doing for my personal blog. Mainly because I feel it's fun to talk about a variety of things in one short post every now and then! However, I haven't found a series idea yet. If you have some ideas, please share! It could be anything beauty related or a mix of beauty and life. I'm just really out of ideas at the moment and would appreciate any input!

See you in my next post!

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High Beam Liquid Highlighter Review

I know friends- this post is long overdue. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Life happens, I'm sure you awesome folks understand and so, I will get right to the point!

O High Beam highlighter, how I love thee.

I am absolutely loving this. The more I use it, the more I love it.

The packaging is designed like a nail polish. The one you see in the picture above is a sample size from a set I purchased by Benefit. It still is the same nail polish application concept but just smaller than the original.

As for the product itself, the application is easier than you'd expect from a liquid product. I like to apply this by drawing lines along the tops of my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose, and dot it under my eyebrow. Then, with a clean finger I blend until it's all nice and highlighted! It dries from a liquid to an ever-so-slight powder finish. You can definitely go without setting it with another powder highlighter.

The result of the highlighter by itself- softly glowy highlighted cheeks. Can definitely be worn with minimal makeup!

The fact that I can use this product, by itself, without needing a setting agent is what makes it such a favourite. It has taken a place in my to-go makeup routine for when I need to look just put together enough in a rush! Alhamdullilah :D

I'm positive you've already heard a lot about this from YouTube as well. However, it is also one of those products which makes you think- "Ok, so this works for her. But- will it work for me?".

I've made a quick review card for you to decide yourself! Is it worth it for your beauty (and wallet)? You decide! :)

I also mentioned in my previous post that there is very little difference between this and the NYX highlighter. The only difference is that NYX has a stronger highlight with larger glitter particles that makes it more suitable for nighttime wear whereas High Beam has a 'soft glow' effect to it with dispersed sparkles. NYX's highlighter also dries quicker and so it's trickier to blend compared to High Beam.

I personally enjoy using both according to the demand of the occasion. High Beam is my choice for the daytime/lighter looks whereas NYX is what I reach out for nighttime occasions/weddings!

What do you think? If you already own high beam- please share your thoughts. If not, would you consider purchasing it after this review? I love conversation :D

Until the next post, have an awesome day!

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New Products from LUSH (Summer 2014)

Peace, dear readers!

How are you doing today? Ramadan Mubarak to all! May Allah Most Loving make this our best one yet! 

If you follow me Instagram, you may have seen me post about some Lush goodies a while back:

These are part of the new launch for Summer 2014. I still don't know whether these are Limited Edition or not- so I will check back later and inform you guys if they are. (Update: I messaged Lush's UAE page on Facebook about this and they informed me that this will be available all year around. Yay!)

In the meantime, enjoy some launch pictures!

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

African Paradise Body Conditioner

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb

Zest Styling Gelly

Parsley Porridge


Which one of these do you have your eye on? I'm particularly intrigued by the D'Fluff Shave Cream and Parsley Porridge Soap (herbal anti bacterial soap that's good for dry skin? Sign me up!).

8 Ways To Boost Your Winter Skin

Winter skin can leave you looking and feeling blue.  But with simple solutions that everyone can practice, your skin can beat the winter blues and look radiant and healthy.
8 Ways To Boost Winter Skin Health
Produced by the team at Skinfo Skincare. Skinfo is a great place to get the perfect products for your skin type and situation.

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Iluminator (01 Sunbeam) Review

A review after so long! I missed writing here to begin with, but writing reviews-- even more. It's fun to test products, see the different angles it could work (or not), think about who it will be best for, if it's worth the money etc.

In this post I review a liquid highlighter by NYX. It is called "Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator".


 Here is what the product blurb says:

Capture that sexy glow with our lightweight, multi-functional illuminator. Use as a foundation base or over cheekbones, décolletage, or cupids bow for that refreshing luminosity that'll have everyone talking.

More tips from NYX on the highlighter:

What it is: Lightweight multifunctional face moisturizer that provides a luminous glow.
What it does: Enhances your complexion by adding a touch of shimmer illuminating your skin.
Why we love it: It provides a glorious, luminous healthy glow instantly!

Artist tips / Suggested use:

How to use: Apply all over your face to illuminate your features under and over foundation. It can also be blended with your foundation for an additional touch of glow.
WHERE TO BUY: You can buy NYX from Centerpoint! I bought mine from the Centerpoint in Andalus Mall, Jeddah.



Thoughts . . .

What it is: A face highlighter, yes. A face moisturizer or something to apply all over the face- I wouldn't recommend!

This liquid highlighter by NYX is a beautiful highlight no doubt. But it can cling onto dry areas on the skin. When it does like that, it doesn't look too terrifying but the product is a tad bit difficult to blend on the dry areas so I'd suggest being quick with the application.

Because of the high pigmentation and extreme highlight quality, I would not recommend applying this product all over the face alone (unlike Girl Meets Pearl or That Gal from Benefit- both have a more luminescent quality rather than intense shimmer like this highlighter from NYX).

Perhaps this highlighter can be used all over when mixed with a foundation or moisturizer, but I haven't personally tried this so I cannot recommend with full trust on the result (if you have tried this, then let me know how it turned out!).

What it does: Adds a beautiful highlight! The pigmentation is on spot like I mentioned. The shimmer particles are not as large in size as I'd expected! It's actually quite small and looks like fairy dust on the cheeks, while also giving a wet look (I love!).

I was pretty impressed with this highlighter and it quickly became a favourite (something I did not expect!) I actually thought the shimmer was going to be larger but that was not the case. The product dries from a liquid to a powder finish- so you can get away without a powder highlighter on top and it still looks and stays beautiful and glowy. This highlighter is perfect for big events such as weddings and evening parties. Definitely recommend it to the brides.

P.S- I compared this to Benefit's High Beam liquid highlighter (another personal favourite) and I have good news to share- It's a 90% dupe for sure. I will go in detail on the 10% difference in my High Beam review coming very soon!


Over to you- what do you think? Love it or Leave it?

LUSH 2014 Mother's Day Limited Edition Products

In this post, I follow up on the second half of the spring limited edition products from LUSH this year:

The Mother's Day collection by LUSH includes:
  • Inhale Exhale bath ballistic
  • Rose bubble bar
  • Tulip reusable bubble bar
  • Wonder Woo Hoo bubble bar
LUSH 2014 Mother's Day collection

Top Right: Wonder Woo Woo Bubble Bar, Bottom: Rose bubble bar

Top: Tulip reusable bubble bar, Bottom: Inhale Exhale bath ballistic

These look and smell amazing, of course. But, is it something you need?

You'll be interested in these if...

  • You like to have special products to pamper yourself with during the weekend  
  • You'd love to gift a pamper pack to all the amazing mothers in your life who don't ever think of taking out time for themselves.
  • You are a bath product junkie
  • You support, love, and enjoy natural beauty products
You can find LUSH in Jeddah at Stars Avenue Mall, and maybe Serafi Mall (I still have to double check this! Will update on here with new info).

You can follow LUSH KSA on social media:

LUSH Saudi Arabia Facebook:
LUSH Saudi Arabia website:

If you have any requests for posts you'd like to see (specific product reviews, swatches, new launches, store locations etc.), comment below and let me know! This blog is here for you.

Have an awesome day!