Guest Post: Max Factor

Thank you Manal Mirza for submitting the second 
guest post on the blog, we love it! -VicinityMakeup


Max factor is one of my favorite products ever. I have been using them since a while now. They are very affordable and work well just like those amazing expensive products. They have the best base-face products ever. I love makeup and I have had a slight bit of experience with it. Therefore, this is what I love and I am sure you’d love them too.

Starting with the Foundation:
The liquid foundation has about six to seven different skin tones for every face. You can find them anywhere in your nearby stores in the mall. The best thing about this foundation is that it really gives a great finish and covers up almost all your blemishes. It is highly recommended for those with dry and normal skin type, as liquid foundations don’t necessarily go well with oily skins.  

The Pan Stick Concealer:
The concealer stick is also a good product to put underneath your eyes or any blemishes or discolorations. It’s best when you don’t have a brush to apply with. You can just dap it right where you want it and use your fingertips to spread it evenly. Sometimes, it’s better to apply this concealer before applying the foundation. The reason is because it might give a bit of greyish discoloration underneath your eyes, or not. I faced this though.

The famous Compact Powder:
This compact powder works great over the foundation in only just a tiny bit of an amount. Sometimes, when you don’t want to apply foundation over your neck or back, this compact is enough to apply over your neck and back just to give an equal face-neck skin tone. This compact powder is also great to put over your face without applying foundation. It is really a handy powder to be put in emergencies when you don’t have a foundation or you just don’t want to use a foundation!

The False Lash Effect Mascaras:
These mascaras are great and give your lashes an extremely false lash effect without the need to put up false lashes. A bunch of these comes in waterproof type but most of the other mascaras that I had were not waterproof but they were as good as Lancome Mascaras. Really!!

So what are you waiting for? Go and purchase them and look more beautiful as you already are. J


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Salamualaikum! My Name is Manal Mirza. I am a Muslim. I was inspired to start writing and my perspective way to start writing was on the basic lives of the people around me and how changes could be made. I prove my point logically and through Islamic points and view. I really want a good change to be brought in the lives of people around me even if I know some might read and some might not! I enjoy taking examples from others lives and with experience, I try to quote my articles. But now my blog is more about what I'm learning and I try to pass on the message to everyone. That's the least I could do. Alhumdulillah! I am not perfect myself. I encourage myself even more than others while I am writing my articles over here! I hope that everyone gives it a read and inshAllah people will bring out changes in their lives and help me for the better too! Please share my blog if you like it! JazakAllahu khairan! thanks! 

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Tip Of The Day (TOTD)

"النصيحة الجمالية لليوم..أفضل طريقة لوضع العطر حتى يدوم طويلاً هو وضعه على مناطق النبض في الجسم؛ كالمعصمين، داخل الكوعين، وخلف الأذنين. فهذا سيمنحك التمتع برائحة جذابة وخفيفة تدوم طويلاً.

The beauty tip of the day ..
The best way to put perfume for a long-lasting scent is to apply the fragrance on the pulse zones of the body; like the wrists, inside the elbows, and behind the ears. Which this will make you enjoy the long-lasting, light, and attractive smell."
Source: Yves Rocher Saudi Arabia

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Minimalist Beauty: Duochrome Eyeshadows (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

This is the second installment in the Minimalist Beauty series. To check out the first post, click here.

Today, I want to share my love of duochrome eyeshadows with you all! 

What are duochrome eyeshadows you ask? Well, in simple words- it's that colour in your eyeshadow collection that has two tones of colour mixed in it. The colours change according to the way light hits them. Sometimes it can have more than two colours mixed in. For the most part, duochrome eyeshadows are highly iridescent, but also come in satin or shimmer finishes. Personally, my favourite ones are the highly iridescent ones. 

Temptalia's definition of duochrome:
"A product with a duochrome finish or color will look like one color when you look at it straight on, and then when you angle it, it can look like an entirely different color (or nearly so)."

Duochrome eyeshadows play a 'minimalist' role in a makeup routine in the sense that if you were to apply it as a lid colour, it gives a lot more depth and dimension to the look rather than applying the usual one-tone eyeshadow. It makes the lid "pop" and makes them stand out effortlessly. 

Duochrome eyeshadows not only work as great lid shades, but when you bring them up to the crease, they play out with the light and the shadow in such a way that it seems one has applied a different, deeper colour in the crease without the effort of using another eyeshadow. A famous example is MAC's Satin Taupe eyeshadow. This is especially helpful for on-the-go and helps keep the steps in a makeup routine to a minimum. 

Ever since I realised the amazing look duochrome eyeshadows give and the way they take the makeup look to another level, I've become duochrome crazy! Lol! This especially struck me while watching divamakeupqueen's videos on YouTube. 

Fun duochrome looks from around the web:

Source: Cannot remember! If anyone knows, please let us know so we give the credit due to the person.



In part 2 of this post, I will share some ways in which duochromes can be used :D 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Please share your thoughts and ideas with us! 

Do you also love duochromes as much as we do? 
Do you have any duochrome eyeshadows in your collection? If yes, please share in the comments! :D 

Until then, take care and enjoy your weekend! 

Guest Post: No Poo?!

Our very first guest post submission is by Sumaiyya Naseem
Thank you! -VicinityMakeup


Assalaamualaikum ladies!

Hope you all are doing wonderful!

It's literally been a couple of months since I took the time out and wrote a post. Apart from that making me an awful and failure blogger, it also makes me a busy person!

I feel super happy that this first post after months is a guest post on Vicinity Makeup- a beauty blog of two amazing girls who happen to be sisters and two of my favorite people on earth. :D (You didn't have to say that ya know :-* -vicinitymakeup)

I want to waste no time and get to the point. I haven't used shampoo or ANY other chemical on my hair for almost 3 weeks now! No, I don't have monkey hair or hair that looks like it needs serious work. In fact, I've never loved my hair as much before!

I've always had major hair issues. I am still not completely satisfied with my hair, but it's definitely MUCH better than it used to be.

So, if I haven't been using ANY shampoo, what have I been using - you'd ask?

Home made shampoothie! I've come across a dozen of recipes for home made shampoo, but the one that attracted me  like a zombie to human, was the cucumber and lemon shampoothie.

It's extremely simple to make.

Here's what you'll need:

Cucumbers - 2-3
Lemon- 1

Now, depending on the condition of your hair - dry/oily/normal- you'll decide the amount of the cucumber and lemon.
The cucumber conditions the hair, so if you have dry hair, use more cucumber.
The lemon cleans the hair, and it's acidic, so use a couple of lemons for oily hair and a lemon OR half for dry hair. The amount is completely up to you!

My hair is sort of oily, but not extremely oily. So I use 3 cucumbers, and a lemon. I also have normal length hair, not more than 1.5 inches below my shoulders.

Here's what you'll do -

Cut up each cucumber after peeling it (it's ok if you don't peel it) into three parts. Peel off the outer covering of the lemon. You could use this later for seasoning chicken or something.
Now make a smoothie of the lemon and cucumber in your juicer, transfer the mix to a container that you can take to your bathroom. I use a plastic mug that I got specifically for this.

After you rinse your hair, turn your head down and start applying at the roots. The smoothie will be - smoothie-ish; like juice. Massage at the roots and soak your hair with the juice.

After a few minutes (3-5) rinse off your hair and avoid tangling it up if possible. I comb my hair before applying and it helps.

The only problem with this is that you'll have to dry up your hair and spend a few minutes brushing out all the white stuff that comes from the cucumber. It doesn't take me more than 15 minutes to get my hair dried up and brushed.

I do this 3-4 times a week, and twice a week I apply olive oil on my hair half an hour before taking my bath.

It's helped me a lot! I had dry hair, and it would be limp and flat by the end of the day. Now my hair feels lively and doesn't stick to my scalp.

I definitely recommend this little experiment to all of you! It suits ALL hair types!

I've decided to alter the home made shampoo I am using on a weekly basis. Once I have a second favorite, I'll share with you all!

Also, you've probably figured out by now - I'm going no poo! It means no shampoo AT ALL for as long as I go on. It's a HUGE step for me. But I feel that is whats gonna help my poor hair. And it is definitely giving me good results right now.

If you guys have any home made shampoo recipes - do share!!

I'll take pictures next time I make my shampoothie and update here :) Sorry about the lack of visuals.

One awesome thing about this particular shampoothie is the refreshing smell it leaves in the bathroom! Specially when you're shampooing your hair, you'll feel relaxed and wonderful! I do!

If you try this recipe, let us know what you think!
If you've tried something similar, please share that as well!

Have a great weekend!!

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Barry M Cosmetics

Hello, hope you are having a good day :D

Guess what we found in this month's issue of Destination Jeddah?

Barry M makeup!

Apparently, it's available across the GCC via Boots pharmacy.

Here is the snippet of the information-

We haven't checked out  Jeddah's Boots Pharmacy ( in Mall Of Arabia) personally to see the collection, what is available here/what's not, prices and such. But, have you? Please comment below and let us know!

Until then, take care! 

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamualaikum to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world!

Eid Mubarak! Have a great day! 

Share with us what makeup look you will be rocking this Eid ul Fitr! :D 

Tip Of The Day (TOTD): Using Toothpaste as pimple reducer?

"Got a pimple before a big event? Dab on a little toothpaste. According to Dr. Frances Jang, a dermatologist at Skinworks in Vancouver, British Columbia, “It acts like an astringent drawing impurities out of the skin.” The paste will dry up the blemish and help kill germs in the affected area. Dr. Jang recommends that users of this quick fix “find a natural or organic toothpaste with minimal addictives. Get an actual paste, not a gel. Apply a small dab to an acne spot and leave it overnight.” Be sure to use a small amount – too much and your skin may become irritated or excessively dry. In the morning, wash away the paste and your breakout should be less inflamed and noticeable." [1]
It works!

I tried it the other day when a pimple emerged near my chin. 

I used an actual toothpaste like the tip asks to, not a gel (if you have used certain Close-Up brand toothpastes, you may understand the difference). The specific brand I used was Sensodyne.

I applied the toothpaste as soon as I spotted the pimple, let it sit on top for an hour or two. And when I came back to wash it away, the pimple was nearly gone! 

This just might become my go-to quick fix for any unwelcome-d guests on my face, lol! I usually would use yogurt as a spot fix but, will mention more about that in another post sometime because I'm still trying to find out what the science behind that trick is. 

Will you try this out? 
Do you already use this trick? 
Share your experience in the comments below! 

What is your trick to tackle unwanted zits and pimples? Especially which emerge at the wrong time, lol! 

1- Reader's Digest, 6 Weird Beauty Tips,

Shop and Tell #2 - E.L.F Cosmetics in Jeddah!

Hellooo all :D

Today I am PLEASED to share this exciting news with you. We found E.L.F cosmetics here in Jeddah! It is available at Al Shallal Theme Park. One of the makeup stalls (near Papa John's) have it there along with other makeup items.

In order to make this post helpful, I'll talk a little bit more about the products, kind of like a mini review :)

1. E.L.F Studio Blushes in:

  * Twinkle Pink- Its a beautiful warm pinky-coral, with beautiful golden glitter. It makes your cheeks look very healthy and glowy. Perfect for those days when you want to wear something that looks natural.

  * Candid Coral- Its a really pretty warm peachy-pink with golden shimmer. And, I have to mention that when we first when we tried out this blush, it came out so sheer. But, after a couple days when I tried it, it came out quite good and pigmented! So I guess with this particular blush, you need to get rid of the first layer in order to get the true color.

  * Pink Passion- Its a gorgeous hot pink and has a matte finish to it. It already made its way into my favorites because I don't have too many matte blushes, and definitely not in a color like this. So if you're looking for a matte hot pink blush, I'd definitely recommend you this one!

2. E.L.F Studio Body Shimmer in
    * Cosmic Coral- Its an amazing coral color with golden shimmer. Its in a stick form, and has a smooth texture. You can use it anywhere on the body but I prefer to use it as a cream blush. On the packaging it is described as "Sexy soft shimmer for a healthy looking glow" - and I agree! Its very pigmented, but you can easily sheer it out or even build it up according to your preference. My personal opinion is that its a lot like their blush in twinkle pink, just in cream form. You can use this on its own for a natural look or you can use it as a base for a powder blush on top. Very versatile.

3. E.L.F Lipstick in
    *Nostalgic- Its a peachy nude color. The formula is VERY creamy and pigmented. And by "VERY creamy" I mean it'll instantly melt the moment it comes in contact this your lips. The formula is a little more thin than most of the lipsticks I've seen so it does settle into the crevices/ lines of your lips. If you get this lipstick I'd recommend you store it in your refrigerator because if you store it at room temperature, it'll break when you'll try to apply it.

Some things to note-

*Considering the fact that E.L.F is available at a "stall" in shallal- their whole line is not available there.

*Each E.L.F product was being sold at the price- 39 sr, which is almost 10 dollars. Considering the same products are sold at $ 1.50 on their website, you're definitely paying a lot more if you purchase from here. I'd personally recommend you all that if you have access to their online store, shop from there instead because that way you'll be saving a lot more money.

*All the swatches were done on top of a base so as to allow them to adhere to the skin. (I used my Garnier BB cream)

Alrightie, thats all for today's Shop and Tell. I hope you enjoyed this post and it proved helpful. Let us know if you like these Shop and Tell series because I've purchased quite some cosmetics lately and I'd love to do another Shop and Tell on them if you'd like :)

So do let us know in the comment section below or send us a tweet- @VicinityMakeup or post on our Facebook.

Shop and Tell #1 (... and Happy National Day!)

Hi there!

Inspired by my fellow blogger friend- Nada's Sanctuary, and Kandee Johnson at Youtube, here is the very first "Shop and Tell" post of this blog! :D 

Here are some of the things that I picked up on Friday while I was out with my sisters, shopping :) 

Click to enlarge
Anti-clockwise from right:
  • OLAY Complete Illuminating Daily UV Cream
  • BOURJOIS  Volume Glamour MAX Definition mascara.
  • Perfume oils
  • Makeup sponges
  • MILANI Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow pencils in 02, 04 and 03.
In hopes that this post is a bit more useful for you, I will talk a little more about the products I bought, why I bought them, what I think about them so far, and all that good stuff! 

Click to enlarge
OLAY Complete Illuminating Daily UV Cream: I was picking up a moisturizer by Olay that my little sister uses, saw this on the display and ending up purchasing it. I was on the look-out for a nice, lighter consistency moisturizer. Also, the product blurb caught my attention. I'm very happy with the consistency of this cream so far and am super excited to start using it! It does have a slight shimmer though (the product says it's "illuminating", I was expecting it) but nothing obnoxious like some *2* of the Ponds creams I've tried. Those Ponds creams are good in their place (can be used as bases for foundation and such) but for everyday use and the look I was going for, they didn't work out well for me. 

BOURJOIS Volume Glamour MAX Definition mascara: I had to purchase a new mascara so I bought this one, on recommendation of cheezz12345 on Youtube. Her review sold me on purchasing it and I can't wait to try it!

Perfume oils: These little perfume oils are amazing! You get various scents, 12 mini "thumb" sized roll-ons for just SAR35! I bought this from Beauty Key shop at Andalus Mall (opposite to S-mart on the top floor), Jeddah.
The specific one you see in the picture at the beginning of this post is actually for my elder sister. I bought a pack for myself (the pink box with roses) some time back and loved them, so when I told my sister about it she wanted it too. My little sister bought it as well hahah :D 
Click to enlarge

Makeup Sponges: Pretty self explanatory. I needed to replace a sponge for my face powder that I use, hence I picked these up.

MILANI Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow pencils in 02, 04 and 03: I specifically bought these to feature them in a blog post for the Minimalist Beauty series! I was already convinced of the excellent performance of this product from reviews, and especially after DivaMakeupQueen's review of this on how these are amazing dupes for the expensive Urban Decay 25/7 Eyeshadow pencils, I just had to get them and share them with you. They really don't disappoint so far. The three colours I bought are 02- Brown Deluxe, 04- Green Safari and 03- Champagne Toast. I cannot wait to wear them on my eyes! The price on these is SAR35 each

Click to enlarge
I buy my MILANI products at the Beauty Key shop, Andalus Mall (opposite to S-mart on the top floor), Jeddah- as I mentioned earlier. Do you know where else in Jeddah they are available? For non-Jeddawi's, is MILANI available in your city? If yes, where? Please leave in it the comments so it can help others hopefully!

That's all for the Shop and Tell! Hope you are having a nice long weekend! ;) Happy National Day to all residing in KSA!

♥ Feedback ♥
  • What were your recent purchases?/ What have you recently hauled? 
  • Have you used any of the mentioned products? If yes, how do you like them?
Let us know! 


Minimalist Beauty: Everyday "Fresh Face" Makeup routine

Hi there!

We are delighted to introduce: "Minimalist Beauty"- a new series starting on this blog in efforts to share tips, tricks and ideas that will hopefully assist you in creating effortless looks and ease your beauty routine without compromising on the results! *inshaAllah* :)

For the first post in this series, I want to share my everyday "fresh face" makeup routine with you :D

I divide this routine into 3 levels.

Level 1 (Super basic): Where I just want to look good enough to run out the door and work with the least amount of products.

Here are the products (used in the order mentioned):

Moisturizer: I use the Dove Intensive Cream. My favourite moisturizer I've found so far, works wonderful on dry to super dry skin.

Concealer: Concealer is a crucial step in a makeup routine especially if you don't want the full face to have coverage and only require to go over a few areas. The concealer I use is the Lancome Long Lasting softening concealer, which- I can safely say, is my favourite concealer of all-time. It's even better for on-the-go as it not only provides wonderful coverage but is also excellent at brightening as well (2-in-1!).

I use the concealer on my under-eyes to conceal darkness, and eye-lids (up till the brow) to cover discolouration. I also go over above the eyebrows and between them a little (helps in lifting and highlighting due to the brightening quality of concealer), around my nose to cancel redness, on the bridge of my nose (again, the brightening quality of the concealer helps in highlighting it), around my mouth to cover discolouration, and finally wherever else I may need coverage like on breakouts or anything like that.

Multi- purpose products are amazing at reducing the time one spends in getting ready, which is especially helpful in the mornings. In the case of this concealer, the fact that it conceals well and also brightens reduces the need to use another brightening product to bring glow to the face.

Setting Powder: Next, I set my face with the Milani Even-Tone Powder Foundation. Again, one of my favourite products. To see a full review of this product, click here.

White/Cream eyeliner on the water line: For me, this helps wonderfully- making the eyes look more awake and refreshed. Most days, I use the Max Factor Kohl Pencil in "White". If I get a bit tanner during the summer, I use their Kohl Pencil in "Natural Glaze".

White eyeliner may be too stark for tanner and deeper beauties, hence you will find more makeup enthusiasts recommending to use a cream/nude/beige/skin-tone coloured liner like Max Factor's "Natural Glaze", so as to make it look more natural. Play around and discover which one works better for you personally. You can also change it up completely and use a black kohl pencil you love instead. Many girls love using black liner on an everyday basis to make their eyes stand out, with rest of the face being neutral/natural.

Lip balm: Finishing off this level I use a lip balm- a must for dry lips like mine. I use TBS's Vitamin E Lip Balm, again, a favourite. Click here to read a full review.

Level 2 (Pump it up): This is where I "Pump it ("it" referring to Level 1) up" a bit- in case I have a few more minutes to spare.

Fill in brows: I fill in my brows using a brow pencil. The specific one I use is from MAC in the shade "Stud".

Filling the brows work wonders in framing the face, something I realized much later after I got into makeup. The difference it makes is just amazing.

Eye lash curler: Next, I curl my eyelashes. The eye-lash curler I use is from Mikyajy.

Transparent mascara: After curling, I coat the eye-lashes with a transparent/clear mascara. The one I use is from Essence (I got it from Shallal for around SR 35, if I remember correctly). I personally prefer clear mascara over using a black/regular mascara for daily basis. It just reduces the hassle of removing the mascara when I return home lol! Of course, you can definitely use regular mascara if that's more to your liking.

Level 3 (Full throttle): Usually only happens when I'm in a super mood lol! Most likely when I've gotten up way ahead of time and basically just feel  like it- going all the way.

Blush: I love how a blush that is perfect for your skin-tone totally transforms your look and makes you look fresh so effortlessly. Again, this is something I learned the importance of only much later from when I got into makeup. My favourite all-time blush is the NYX powder blush in "Peach" which is what I use for this step.

Highlighter: I love face highlighters! And it is definitely a must-use product in any of my makeup routines. It  may or may not be a necessity for everyone so I definitely recommend playing around with a few highlighters to see what difference it makes in your makeup look.
The highlighter I use is from Shiseido in the shade "WT905".

All done!

Some tips:

-Dividing the routine into levels helps quite a bit since I've already prioritized- I already know what products I truly need to look just presentable and don't have to fiddle with so many products especially when I'm running out of time and am in a hurry.

-As mentioned earlier, using multi-purpose products works effectively in handling lesser products and saving time.

-Another useful tip is a no-brainer: use your favourite products and/or products that work amazingly with little to no effort. Saves time again, and using products you trust will hopefully help you start your morning with less of a hassle.

-Replace and/or switch out products that you may find in this routine. Again, a no-brainer. What works for me may or may not work for you and vice versa. Someone may prefer using a foundation over using only a concealer because it attends to their needs better and they may not want a highlighter but prefer using a bronzer instead. See what works best for you and go with it! :) 

Hope that helps some of you!

Some of the products mentioned in the post

♥ Please share YOUR everyday makeup routines and "minimal beauty" tips in the comments. If you have a blog- write a post sharing your routine on your blog! We'd love to read! ♥

Until then, tc! :) 

[CLOSED] Blog Giveaway! ~ Our Gift To You...

Hellooo there! We are most pleased to announce our very first giveaway! We were originally planning to do a giveaway during Eid holidays. Unfortunately, we were busy due to family commitments and were unable to host the giveaway. Anyways, its here now and we really do hope you like it!

Guidelines for the Giveaway:

(Following all guidelines is compulsory in order to be eligible for the giveaway)

1. Have to be a follower of the blog.

2. If not 18 or above, should have parent' s consent.

3. Should be a resident living in the city of Jeddah, KSA. (InshaAllah we'll have Kingdom wide/international giveaways in the future).

4. Comment below this blog post answering the following question:-
"Which 3 brands make up the most of your makeup stash?"
 (We'd love to know!)
5. Winner should be willing to meet up with us in order to collect the giveaway prize. (We're sorry this is the only means we have as of now to give the prize to you).

Winner will be selected at random from the comments.

This picture shows what the winner will win:
Giveaway prize!

Subscribe to our Facebook feed and Follow us on Twitter for update on the winner :) 

Giveaway ends 25th September, 2012. 

All the best! 

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamualaikum to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world!

Eid Mubarak! Have a great day! 

Share with us what makeup look you will be rocking this Eid ul Fitr! :D 

INGLOT cosmetics- Store locations: Jeddah

Hello everyone!

Inglot cosmetics doesn't have too many stores around the world. I feel so happy and thankful that us Jeddawis are spoiled with TWO stores in one city itself. 

You can find Inglot (JEDDAH) in-
Andalus Mall
Red Sea Mall

Also, I checked the Inglot website and found that it's available in Riyadh and Al Khobar too! So I'm including their locations as well in case it's of any help to you :)

Hayatt Mall
Riyadh Gallery

Al Rashid Mall

Here is the direct link to their store locations around the globe-

Hope that was helpful!

Where do you get YOUR Inglot products from? 
Do you buy it in person or order online?

Ramadan Mubarak!

[July 20, 2012]

Assalamualaikum to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world!!

Ramadan Mubarak!

 May Allah Almighty accept from you and I <3

MILANI Even-Tone Powder Foundation- Review

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well! I'm super glad to be finally back with a new post! :D 

In this post, I am reviewing the Milani Even-Tone Powder Foundation.

This powder has become my favourite face powder

Picture courtesy-
The following was the product blurb on the packaging that convinced me to purchase it-

  • Oil-Free Velvety-soft lightweight powder foundation formulated with Aloe Vera Extract to soothe and moisturize.
  • Micronized, super-fine light reflecting pigments allow color to stay true and easy to blend while it covers imperfections and evens out skin tone.
  • The result is a flawless finish with a soft focus effect.
  • Light to medium coverage.

My shade is 01- SHELL.
The product also comes with a cosmetic sponge in a convenient place to keep it in, especially useful for touch-ups.

To give you a background, my skin is mostly dry-combination. I have dryness on my cheek area, the area around my nose and sometimes my forehead. In the winter months the dryness of my skin is at it's peak. 
In the summer, my forehead and nose get less dry than they usually are (i.e oily but still not too much since, my skin is dry for the most part).

The texture of the powder is the smoothest I've ever come across in a face powder- finely milled and not chalky. It has a satin finish- which I love to bits. As a girl with dry skin, it's been kind of hard to find a good face powder that doesn't look chalky, not sit on my face but kind of just fall off (yes!) and make my face look flat. The satin finish of the powder does not make my face look flat- which most powders I've used did. Also, of all the face powders I've tried, only this specific one does not accentuate the dryness of my skin.

Since the coverage of the powder is light to medium, it's more fitted to use as a setting face powder and/or a daily go-to face powder. I use mine for both and love it! Although it definitely can be used as a powder foundation depending on your need. 

And yes, it does moisturize while it's on your skin! My sister and I tested it out and found that it moisturized the dryness on our skin as we kept it on versus another face powder that I was using at the time. We applied each powder on one half of our face and tested it that way. It was a fun little experiment we attempted and were thoroughly pleased! :D

This powder also does a neat job of mattifying the oiler areas of my face when it's hotter. I'm super glad how it's able to do what I want it to do, lol!! :D

Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good face powder- especially someone with dry skin! I feel this would work on girls with oiler skin types as well. My sister's skin is slightly oiler than mine and she likes this powder as well!  

Now, wondering where to find Milani cosmetics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? Milani products are available at a shop called "Beauty Key" in Andalus Mall- first floor, opposite S-mart. 

Does anyone know any place else Milani is available (in Jeddah as well as any other other places in Saudi Arabia)? Please leave a comment if you do, it may be of help to others.

This product retails for SAR 52 (52 riyals)- which I don't think is bad. I've used it multiple times since I bought it and still haven't hit pan! Definitely worth the money in my book!

Pictures and swatches-

Hope this review was helpful to you! Please do leave a comment answering the feedback questions, we'd love to hear from you! :)

Would you buy this product? If you already have it, how has been your experience with it?
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