BEST OF MAKEUP 2012 (Part 3)

Assalamualaikum, Hello all! :D

We're finally down to the last part! This will feature all my favorite eye and brow products from last year.
I apologize for posting this so late, I had my exams. Furthermore, I wanted to include pictures of better quality in this post :)

Heres the links to the previous parts if you'd like to check them out :)
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P.S, I talk a lot in this post, so please bear with me :P

Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
This is one of the best eye primers out there. It makes the eye shadow last SO much longer than it would if you were to use only some concealer as your base. I've worn bright eye makeup looks with this underneath it to even places where you can easily get sweaty like theme parks, the beach and such! And trust me, the eye makeup will never budge unless you deliberately take it off :)

Mikyaji's I-Kajal:
Even though I'm showing only one of these, its actually comes in a set of five, a purple, blue, black, white, and a teal, which my I got as a birthday gift from my bestie about two years ago, and I really love this white one! I use it on top of my eye primer as a base when I'm doing colorful looks to make the colors pop even more. It really does increase the longevity of colorful eye shadows even more. 
I initially wanted to get my hands on the NYX jumbo pencil in the color- Milk, but that particular shade is never available here in Jeddah :( if you know any place I can get it locally, please let me know as this Mikyaji one is going to get over and they don't sell these individually!

Maybelline's Define a Brow:
I don't usually wear makeup to school, but I often find it necessary to define my eyebrows, and I like to use this. I much prefer to use an eye-shadow instead but when it comes to school, I want something thats going to last a lot longer. Even after washing my face a couple times during the day, it doesn't come off. Sometimes I like to fill in my brows with this the night before because I'm mostly late for my bus and doing your eyebrows in a hurry can prove disastrous :P 

RIMMEL's eye-shadow do in no: 237 spice:
This duo I got as a gift when my sis purchased some other makeup stuff. Its currently been discontinued here though. I got two other trios as well but the pigmentation of those is horrible. Surprisingly, this one isn't so. Its really easy to create a dark brown smoky eye with this. Anyhow, I don't actually use it for that, I like to use it for my eyebrows- only the darker brown shade in general. Its the perfect cool-toned dark brown for my brows. What I really like about this is the fact that I've dropped, thrown, and abused this poor thing so many times (mostly by mistake :P) but then also it sticks around for me ;D also, its a really convenient size so I just easily throw it in my makeup bag if I'm going somewhere.Yes, it has shattered a bit but not as much as my Naked 2 palette did- even though I dropped it just once (you'll see what I mean as I proceed with this post). 

ESSENCE's lash and brow gel mascara:
I have never tried any other clear mascara- this is the only one I have, and the only one I use. I like to use this on days when I don't feel like wearing mascara, or I want to go for more of a natural look. Since its transparent, I like to wear it to school sometimes as well. Which clear mascara do you use? Leave it in the comments below as I'd love to hear :D

URBAN DECAY's Original Naked Palette:
Okay, prepare yourself to hear me rave.
I got the original naked palette somewhere in December of 2011, and I instantly fell in love. If you took me by a knife and threatened me to pick only one out of all my eye-shadow palettes, it will, without a doubt be this one. It has to be my all time favorite palette, and I'm pretty sure it'll continue to be so. I'll tell you what makes this palette so special. Firstly, the color selection- it has such complementing golds and other bronze-ey colors, it also has your highlighting shades, along with some really darker colors too. Just use the color "naked" in your crease, and any of the other colors on your lid, some eyeliner and mascara- and you are DONE! The end results looks like you put so much effort in it when you really didn't. Secondly, the texture of the eye-shadows- its buttery smooth, and fall outs aren't much of an issue at all. Thirdly, the packaging- its travel friendly! I've thrown this one in my bag, dropped it, and abused it unintentionally SO much but it never even shattered once. If you want to get a high end palette- I'd recommend you get this one. It'll definitely be a makeup investment, it'll last you for years altogether!

URBAN DECAY's Naked Palette 2:
I got this one during my summers last year. This and the original naked palette was what I've used mostly in terms of eye shadows ALL year long. I don't have anything different to say about this palette, than what I've said about the other palette. Only thing, of course the color selection is different. Just by looking at them, you can't really tell, but really- this is much different. This one has more of taupe-ey colors and most of these are cool toned, as compared to the original naked palette which has more of warmer tones. Only thing though, its packaging disappoints me as it looks super pretty and sturdy but honestly- its not shatterproof at all. And THATS really upsetting. You see the picture, I dropped it just once and it shattered. I'm just thankful that I didn't lose any of the colors entirely. Other than that, this palette is super awesome :D

CARGO's triple action mascara:
This mascara I purchased for only some 20 SR when CARGO was having a clearance sale at Sephora a couple months back. I kinda feel sad that they removed this brand from my nearby sephora as I really like this macara :( anyways. This gives me almost like a wispy lash look, and that I love about it. I have naturally curly lashes, and I love the way it makes my lashes look and it feels almost weightless! Although, I do have to mention that this isn't the most black mascara I've used. So if thats your priority, I don't think you'll like this one that much!

BOURJOIS' Volume Glamour Max-Definition mascara:
This is the BLACKEST drugstore mascara I've ever used. I love it. It volumizes and thickens the lashes very much. I do find it also lengthens for me, on the contrary, my sister said that it does nothing in terms of length for her. She also mentioned that it doesn't help hold the curl of the lashes since the formula is a little heavy, although that wasn't the case at all for me. So I guess it really is different for different people.
I used to love and use the MUFE smokey aqua lash mascara, its definitely a favorite of mine as well, but I ran out of it (I have to repurchase it), so I don't have the tube to show it to you guys, but that mascara is really separating, thickening and definitely lengthening! Its also very black and the formula isn't as heavy compared to the bourjois one! So definitely check that one out as well!

MAYBELLINE's eye studio gel eyeliner in Black
My favorite gel eyeliner ever. Very black, great formulation as it glides on super smoothly, stays on, and its affordable. Whats not to love about this liner! It looks very small in person but will last you a super long time! I've had it for almost two years now and I'm finally getting towards the end of it! Many people complain about gel eyeliners, paint pots and such that they tend to dry out very quickly. So here's a quick tip- pop it in the microwave oven for about 10-20 seconds, and VOILA! As good as new :D

If you don't know where to find these brands, below are the places where I purchase them from:
Too Faced and Cargo at Sephora in Al Andalus Mall 
Bourjois, Maybelline, Rimmel at Centrepoint in Al Andalus Mall
Mikyaji at Al Andalus Mall
Urban Decay from
Essence at a shop in Shallal Theme Park

Alright guys, thats end of it! I had a lot of fun doing these series, and I hope you all enjoy and benefit from them too! I definitely look forward to doing some series as such :D 
I'd like to end this post with a picture of this really cutesy lil birdie which was distracting me when I was taking pictures for this post yesterday by making SO many little chirping sounds! Oh don't you just LOVE little birdies?!

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BOURJOIS Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara Review

Hello everyone!

This post is a review of the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara. :)

Here is a product blurb from the Bourjois website:


Its ultra volumising formula coats lashes from root to tip and protects them against harsh external factors (pollution, rubbing, air conditioning).
Enriched with regenerating and nourishing cotton and sweet almond oils, it has been specially formulated for sensitive eyes.

Its brush that applies so softly thanks to its rounded shape and ultra-soft fibres, gently coats lashes to build volume without clumping.
Result: after only 3 weeks of use, lashes are visually stronger and more resistant, as if nourished from within*
*Clinical test on 22 women with sensitive eyes, of which 7 contact lens wearer

The Good-
-Intense black colour payoff compared to most drugstore mascaras.
-Gives a subtle liner effect on the lash line.
-No hard/stiff lashes, lashes remain soft even after two coats.
-Minimal clumping. One of the least clumping mascara I've ever used!
-Great for a natural look.
-Very comfortable to wear.
-Easy to remove.

The Not-so-Good-
-Not impressive in making lashes voluminous or increasing them length. The mascara pretty much darkens your natural lashes and gives them a bit more body with separation and that's all.

The verdict-- Love it or leave it?
At first I didn't love it... but now I do! It's a great mascara to achieve that natural look and more importantly, it will be very helpful for a daily basis if one wears mascara that often- because with this, you forget that you're wearing mascara at all because it's so light weight and non-irritating to the eyes! I literally forgot I even had eye makeup on with this mascara just because it's so comfortable to wear! Those who are new to makeup and/or mascaras may really enjoy this one if they've always hated the hard lash look and feel some mascaras give.
If you love drama with your lashes- this mascara may not be your top choice as it doesn't do much for a dramatic look.

About the formula- its a bit on the thicker side. I usually don't prefer thicker formulas but the way in which this specific mascara is made, it somehow seems to work out well.

Mascara wand- a standard bristle brush

A word of caution-
Mascara reviews (in specific) are something I feel can be "hit and miss". Each individual has a different lash structure- some have naturally thick lashes, some thin, some naturally have a curl, some have dark lashes and some don't, some have long lashes naturally, and such. So when a person would purchase a mascara, they would do so depending upon their natural lash make up. Your needs may differ from mine and vice versa.
The point I'm trying to make is- while this specific mascara worked out for me, it may not for you. Or if I find it amazing, you may not because it doesn't fit your needs. Regardless, I have done a review in any case this is something you've been looking for :) I hope you find it helpful.

Bourjois Middle East Facebook page-
Bourjois UK website-

What is your favourite mascara? 
Have you tried this mascara? What was your experience with it? Let us know :D 

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Until then, tc!