8 Ways To Boost Your Winter Skin

Winter skin can leave you looking and feeling blue.  But with simple solutions that everyone can practice, your skin can beat the winter blues and look radiant and healthy.
8 Ways To Boost Winter Skin Health
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NYX Born To Glow Liquid Iluminator (01 Sunbeam) Review

A review after so long! I missed writing here to begin with, but writing reviews-- even more. It's fun to test products, see the different angles it could work (or not), think about who it will be best for, if it's worth the money etc.

In this post I review a liquid highlighter by NYX. It is called "Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator".


 Here is what the product blurb says:

Capture that sexy glow with our lightweight, multi-functional illuminator. Use as a foundation base or over cheekbones, décolletage, or cupids bow for that refreshing luminosity that'll have everyone talking.

More tips from NYX on the highlighter:

What it is: Lightweight multifunctional face moisturizer that provides a luminous glow.
What it does: Enhances your complexion by adding a touch of shimmer illuminating your skin.
Why we love it: It provides a glorious, luminous healthy glow instantly!

Artist tips / Suggested use:

How to use: Apply all over your face to illuminate your features under and over foundation. It can also be blended with your foundation for an additional touch of glow.
WHERE TO BUY: You can buy NYX from Centerpoint! I bought mine from the Centerpoint in Andalus Mall, Jeddah.



Thoughts . . .

What it is: A face highlighter, yes. A face moisturizer or something to apply all over the face- I wouldn't recommend!

This liquid highlighter by NYX is a beautiful highlight no doubt. But it can cling onto dry areas on the skin. When it does like that, it doesn't look too terrifying but the product is a tad bit difficult to blend on the dry areas so I'd suggest being quick with the application.

Because of the high pigmentation and extreme highlight quality, I would not recommend applying this product all over the face alone (unlike Girl Meets Pearl or That Gal from Benefit- both have a more luminescent quality rather than intense shimmer like this highlighter from NYX).

Perhaps this highlighter can be used all over when mixed with a foundation or moisturizer, but I haven't personally tried this so I cannot recommend with full trust on the result (if you have tried this, then let me know how it turned out!).

What it does: Adds a beautiful highlight! The pigmentation is on spot like I mentioned. The shimmer particles are not as large in size as I'd expected! It's actually quite small and looks like fairy dust on the cheeks, while also giving a wet look (I love!).

I was pretty impressed with this highlighter and it quickly became a favourite (something I did not expect!) I actually thought the shimmer was going to be larger but that was not the case. The product dries from a liquid to a powder finish- so you can get away without a powder highlighter on top and it still looks and stays beautiful and glowy. This highlighter is perfect for big events such as weddings and evening parties. Definitely recommend it to the brides.

P.S- I compared this to Benefit's High Beam liquid highlighter (another personal favourite) and I have good news to share- It's a 90% dupe for sure. I will go in detail on the 10% difference in my High Beam review coming very soon!


Over to you- what do you think? Love it or Leave it?

LUSH 2014 Mother's Day Limited Edition Products

In this post, I follow up on the second half of the spring limited edition products from LUSH this year:

The Mother's Day collection by LUSH includes:
  • Inhale Exhale bath ballistic
  • Rose bubble bar
  • Tulip reusable bubble bar
  • Wonder Woo Hoo bubble bar
LUSH 2014 Mother's Day collection

Top Right: Wonder Woo Woo Bubble Bar, Bottom: Rose bubble bar

Top: Tulip reusable bubble bar, Bottom: Inhale Exhale bath ballistic

These look and smell amazing, of course. But, is it something you need?

You'll be interested in these if...

  • You like to have special products to pamper yourself with during the weekend  
  • You'd love to gift a pamper pack to all the amazing mothers in your life who don't ever think of taking out time for themselves.
  • You are a bath product junkie
  • You support, love, and enjoy natural beauty products
You can find LUSH in Jeddah at Stars Avenue Mall, and maybe Serafi Mall (I still have to double check this! Will update on here with new info).

You can follow LUSH KSA on social media:

LUSH Saudi Arabia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LushSaudiArabia
LUSH Saudi Arabia website: http://www.lush.com.sa/

If you have any requests for posts you'd like to see (specific product reviews, swatches, new launches, store locations etc.), comment below and let me know! This blog is here for you.

Have an awesome day!

LUSH 2014 Spring Limited Edition Products

 Lush is a fresh, handmade cosmetics company. Literally:

 Their All-NEW 2014 Limited Edition Products are in stores now.

Here is a run down of some of the Spring Collection products Lush UAE was super kind enough to send me for PR purposes:
  • Brightside bubble bar 
  • Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar
  • Golden Egg bath ballistic
  • Carrot Soap
(Quick side note: 1- Feel super grateful *Alhamdullilah* and honoured that a company such as LUSH has seen this little blog of mine. 2- I love how they didn't ask me what to do, i.e: 'review these'/'put this on your blog' etc. All they was say "hey, we have these new products we'd like to send you. Please give us your address and number!". Yep, that's all. Love when companies respect creative freedom.)

Anyways! Back to the collection, here are some quick pictures and then I will share my thoughts on who I feel will enjoy this most!

LUSH Spring 2014 Collection
Top-down: Brightside, Golden Egg
Left: Carrot Soap, Right: Bunch of Carrots

You'll be interested in these if...

  • You like to have special products to pamper yourself with during the weekend
  • You have siblings/children/nieces/nephews to gift things to (these are so adorable, children will love these in their bath time. I'm actually going to share some of these with my niece!) 
  • You are a bath product junkie
  •  You support, love, and enjoy natural beauty products
There are a few Mother's Day LE products I have which are also part of this collection. I will mention those in my next post!

If you are curious where LUSH can be found in Jeddah, you can check out the Facebook page and website:

LUSH Saudi Arabia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LushSaudiArabia
LUSH Saudi Arabia website: http://www.lush.com.sa/

See you in my next post!

All You Need To Know About Moroccan Soap / صابون مغربي

If you are intrigued with natural beauty products even in the slightest, I believe you will find today's curated post enjoyable!


  • Moroccan black soap is part of the traditional hammam ritual (source)
  • With a texture of butter, this natural vegetable paste based with black olives is rich in vitamin E (source)
  • It is obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed olives, soaked in salt and potash. In the nineteenth century it was used as a product of Dermatology and later became a real beauty tool for the body suitable for every type of skin (source)

  • Named after its black color, the black or brown or dark green color appearance of the depends on the oil used in its production. First manufactured in Syria from olive oil and vegetable soda, and then made its way to Morocco (source)
  • The basis of the recipe remains the same in both countries. It was improved by adding fragrances of essential oils and included in the traditional hammam. The treatment with the scrubbing kessa glove is now an essential part of the Moroccan hammam experience (source)
  • It is rich and natural and will clean and detoxify your skin while leaving an extraordinarily smooth  finish (source)
  • It is a great emollient, exfoliator and moisturizer (source)
  • It cleanses the skin by removing dead cells and toxins leaving the skin softer than you could ever imagine (source)
  • Thanks to this high content of vitamin E, it helps to revitalize the skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and aging (source
  • Removes dead skin (the rough and dry outer surface) (source)
  • Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells, making our skin softer (source)
  • With its anti-microbial proprieties Moroccan black soap is rich in vitamin E (source)
  • Highly advised to relieve itchy backs due to an excess of dead skin and clogged pores (source)
  • Ideal to reduce in-growing hair (source)
  •  After the scrub your skin is ready to better absorb your next skin care treatment - whether its a mask, moisturizing or tanning (source)
  • It is suitable for all skin types and particularly enjoyable for dry and mature skin (source)
  • FACE: Put a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub until the soap is white, then wash your face,avoiding the eyes and lips (source)
  • SHOWER: Massage Moroccan Soap into wet skin, rinse then scrub vigorously with brush or glove. Rinse with cool water and continue scrubbing to eliminate dead skin cells to reveal healthy, vital skin. Can replace a normal soap or shower gel. Leaves skin super soft (source)
  • BATH: Apply to body with your hands then scrub vigorously with brush or glove. Removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation leaving skin supple, soft and firm (source)
  •  TIP: Try the scrubbing with a dry loofah glove on warm damp skin (not wet skin). Use circle motion then wash off all dead skin. Dry and moisturize with argan oil or your body lotion (source)
  • A weekly exfoliation is recommended (source)
Yes! Just have the soap sitting in a small jar near your wash basin. Every time you wash your face, scoop out a little and lather over face like you would with any soap or face wash. Yes, *Alhamdullilah* it's that easy!

As far as Jeddah is concerned, Moroccan Soap/ hammam maghrabi can be purchased in many areas. From various malls to souqs.

My friend runs her own Moroccan Soap business here in Jeddah where she offers home delivery. This is her contact information in case you are interested!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moroccan.soap
Phone No: +966 553294234+966 553294234

I'm flexible when it comes to body care but when it comes to my facial skin, I've had my share of ups and downs. No matter what I use, at the end of the day when I come back to use moroccan soap- everything gets better Alhamdullilah! My skin tone is more even, my pores are cleaner and not as visible, the dryness is at it's least. I definitely recommend it to anyone who believes that taking care of one's skin should not have to take a fortune. All it takes is a natural product such as the Moroccan Soap to do the job.

So beauty enthusiasts, over to you- have you used Moroccan Soap before? Thoughts?