NYX Candy Glitter Liner- Swatches and Review (Blue, Disco Queen, Jade, Red)

Hey everyone!!
I'm so sorry for the long wait. I was quite busy for the past few months but now I'm back and will hopefully update on a more regular basis :D I've planned a ton of stuff coming up which I can't wait to share with you all that will make this blog more interesting and fun!
Anyways, without further ado, I've got a review for you guys! Before I start off, I want you all to know that I absolutely LOVE NYX! It's probably the best drugstore line out there which offers great quality with reasonable prices.
The product I'm reviewing today from them is the Candy Glitter Liner. I got to know about this through Makeup Geek... and quickly fell in love with it. I am a glitter lover so this was among those things which come in my must-have list.
NYX describes this as "Perfect for drawing precise lines of glitter for a dazzling effect, NYX's Candy Glitter Liners are infused with moisturizing ingredients to not only offer sparkle but condition as well"
What I think about it- The pigmentation is just A-MAZING! These glitter liners are just perfect to make any look fun and colourful and are available in a wide range of colours. They wear for a pretty long time too.
I have used the glitter liners from Mikyajy too, and in my opinion NYX beats them easily- both in pigmentation and application. I have the Silver (01) and Blue (06) from Mikyajy and 4 colours from NYX. These are in Red, Blue, Jade and Disco Queen.
Although these liners apply bright on their own, for a bolder effect, first apply a black liquid liner, wait for it to dry and then apply the glitter liner on top. This really pops up the color!

NYX products are available at Centerpoint in Andalus Mall, Jeddah.
I assume it should be available at other Centerpoint locations here too but I can confirm it only after I've visited them. If any of you guys know if NYX is available at others too, just let me know in the comments :)

These Candy Glitter Liners retail for SAR 21.

Here are some swatches and photos comparing both the Mikyajy and NYX liners :)

NYX Liners and swatches-

You can see I've used Disco Queen quite a lot.

1- Jade
2- Disco Queen
3- Red
4- Blue

Mikyajy Liners and swatches-

1- Silver
2- Blue

I really recommend the NYX glitter liners for all glitter lovers out there.
If you are not much of a glitter lover when it comes to makeup, this may not be your cup of tea. Try the Mikyajy ones instead.

Hope this review was helpful for you guys and just let me know if you guys want to see more NYX product reviews. :)

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Review- Estee Lauder: Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eyeshadow Base

Double Wear Stay-in-Place EyeShadow Base

Here is another review for you guys! :D
So, I bought this at Va Va Voom in Andalus Mall for SAR 79. My actual purpose to go that mall was to get Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance eye primer at Sephora, since I have read a lot of reviews on it which say that it could probably be the best eyeshadow base ever... but unfortunately it was out of stock and I really wanted an eyeshadow base for an upcoming day-long event that I needed to attend so, my mission to get Too Faced turned into a hunt for a base I didn't have any clue of.
I ended up getting this base by Estee Lauder- Double Wear Stay-in-Place eyeshadow base.
And I must say it is AWESOME! My eyeshadow stayed crease-free and had the same intensity when I applied it at first perfectly for a complete 14 HOURS! I am not exaggerating at all! After returning from the mall, I checked out the review for this base at tons of websites, which didn't help me at all to even get an idea of how this would work since some reviews rated this product 10/10 and some... well, 0/10! So, yes, you may imagine my situation.
But I am so glad right now that I purchased this product! I cannot imagine how some of the reviews rated it 0/10. Estee Lauder claims this product to have "15-hour staying power-- extends the wear of eyeshadow and keeps it in place, smooth and crease-free". And it stays true to every word!!
Aside from Va Va Voom, I believe this can be purchased at Paris Gallery as well and everywhere else where designer brands are sold.

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Mikyajy- Store Locations: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Even though I have posted the link for Mikyajy store locations in the Middle East, which includes Jeddah as well. I decided why not I make it easier for you guys and post the store locations specifically for Jeddah here itself! :D
These are the store locations according the Mikyajy's official website. They have many stores all over Jeddah so I don't think it will be much of a dilemma to find the one nearest to you.

Al Aziz Mall- 00966 2 6161986
Al Mahmal- 00966 2 6427210
Al Sairafi Mall- Opening Soon
Al Sultan Mall- 00966 2 2759040
Danub Supermarket- 00966 2 6755868
Danube- 00966 2 2368257
Heraa Avenue- 0966 2 6942236
Hijaz- 00966 2 6989193
Jamaa Plaza- 00966 2 6818923
Jamjoom- 00966 2 6684149
Jammah Mall- 00966 2 6026559
Jarir Mall- 00966 2 4202216
Roshan Mall- 00966 2 2368320
South Mall- 00966 2 2684198
Tahlia Mall- 00966 2 2634686
Watani Stores- 00966 2 6755969
Yammamah Mall- 00966 2 6425593

Mikyajy can also be found at Al- Andalus Mall.

Review- Mikyajy: Black I

One of the best products from Mikyajy- The Black I has "everything you need to get smokey-eyed look is in one special pack that will have you hooked forever".

BEST FOR- Smokey eye addicts, someone who loves the colour Black, a makeup geek who loves to add new items to her makeup collection.

PRICE- SAR 150.00

Comes with Black I Line and Shadow Pencil, Black I Jumbo Eye Crayon, Black I Dip Eye Liner, Black I Mascara and Black I Eyeshadow.

Line and Shadow Pencil, Jumbo Eye Crayon, Eyeshadow
- The pigmentation in these products is amazing! The colours are solid black and completely matte. All have long staying power with high intensity of colour.
The Line and Shadow Pencil has a soft applicator at the end which can be used to soften out any harsh lines.
However, for those of you with watery eyes, it may subject to fading away sooner than you think. To prevent this, after applying your pencil liner, set it with the eyeshadow.
Jumbo Eye Crayon can be used as a base for the smokey eye as well as a liner pencil.

Dip Eye Liner- It has a felt tip which makes applying liquid liner with much better convenience. It has strong colour and does not fade away fast.

Mascara- Gives lift, volume and some length. I personally am very impressed with this mascara. It has become one of my favourite mascaras to use!

I find this set of makeup high in quality and very economical. It's not easy to find a good black matte eyeshadow which is easy to blend and has good colour, a characteristic which I found in the Black I Eyeshadow. This set is a makeup essential on my part! Once you get this, you won't need to buy any other black coloured makeup product!
Plus, five excellent products for 150 Riyals?! That's an offer too good to resist!

Mikyajy has a tutorial on its official website based on these products which is very helpful! -
Link: http://www.mikyajy.com/blog/?p=7
Their Facebook page on Black I-
Link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2775011&id=159456683838&fbid=168272108838

Swatches- 1- Eyeshadow
2- Dip Eye Liner
3- Jumbo Eye Crayon
4- Line and Shadow Pencil

Store Locations- http://www.mikyajy.com/store/index.php?store=true

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