MILANI Even-Tone Powder Foundation- Review

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In this post, I am reviewing the Milani Even-Tone Powder Foundation.

This powder has become my favourite face powder

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The following was the product blurb on the packaging that convinced me to purchase it-

  • Oil-Free Velvety-soft lightweight powder foundation formulated with Aloe Vera Extract to soothe and moisturize.
  • Micronized, super-fine light reflecting pigments allow color to stay true and easy to blend while it covers imperfections and evens out skin tone.
  • The result is a flawless finish with a soft focus effect.
  • Light to medium coverage.

My shade is 01- SHELL.
The product also comes with a cosmetic sponge in a convenient place to keep it in, especially useful for touch-ups.

To give you a background, my skin is mostly dry-combination. I have dryness on my cheek area, the area around my nose and sometimes my forehead. In the winter months the dryness of my skin is at it's peak. 
In the summer, my forehead and nose get less dry than they usually are (i.e oily but still not too much since, my skin is dry for the most part).

The texture of the powder is the smoothest I've ever come across in a face powder- finely milled and not chalky. It has a satin finish- which I love to bits. As a girl with dry skin, it's been kind of hard to find a good face powder that doesn't look chalky, not sit on my face but kind of just fall off (yes!) and make my face look flat. The satin finish of the powder does not make my face look flat- which most powders I've used did. Also, of all the face powders I've tried, only this specific one does not accentuate the dryness of my skin.

Since the coverage of the powder is light to medium, it's more fitted to use as a setting face powder and/or a daily go-to face powder. I use mine for both and love it! Although it definitely can be used as a powder foundation depending on your need. 

And yes, it does moisturize while it's on your skin! My sister and I tested it out and found that it moisturized the dryness on our skin as we kept it on versus another face powder that I was using at the time. We applied each powder on one half of our face and tested it that way. It was a fun little experiment we attempted and were thoroughly pleased! :D

This powder also does a neat job of mattifying the oiler areas of my face when it's hotter. I'm super glad how it's able to do what I want it to do, lol!! :D

Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good face powder- especially someone with dry skin! I feel this would work on girls with oiler skin types as well. My sister's skin is slightly oiler than mine and she likes this powder as well!  

Now, wondering where to find Milani cosmetics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? Milani products are available at a shop called "Beauty Key" in Andalus Mall- first floor, opposite S-mart. 

Does anyone know any place else Milani is available (in Jeddah as well as any other other places in Saudi Arabia)? Please leave a comment if you do, it may be of help to others.

This product retails for SAR 52 (52 riyals)- which I don't think is bad. I've used it multiple times since I bought it and still haven't hit pan! Definitely worth the money in my book!

Pictures and swatches-

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Would you buy this product? If you already have it, how has been your experience with it?
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