An Overview- Mikyajy: Young, Trendy, Friendly

Mikyajy is a department store makeup brand here, in the Middle East. Since its launch in 1999, it has acquired immense popularity.
Mikyajy fills up a lot of my and especially my sisters makeup collection. It was the first department store makeup brand we were introduced to, and I must say, we are really impressed!! We have used many products from this brand- eye shadows, blushes, concealers, powder, eye liners, makeup kits, perfumes, lipsticks, lip glosses- You name it! So here is my overview on this brand in totality and I am quite confident when I state it since I (more like, all the girls in my family! Hahah!) have been using this product for quite a long time now.
What they offer- They have a wide selection of items. Face makeup products, Eye makeup products, Lip makeup products, Body Care, Fragrances, Makeup tools (such as makeup brushes, makeup sponges, manicure makeup wipes etc), Skincare and Makeup Boxes/Kits in various sizes.
Quality- Nicely pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks with vibrant colours. This brand offers quality makeup. I would recommend it to anyone newly starting out with makeup. Even their makeup brushes are of really good texture and quality.
Price- For the quality that they provide, I'd say Mikyajy cosmetics are reasonably priced. The products are worth investing upon.
The following are my recommendations from Mikyajy that I consider buying, or at least, having a look on-
My Top Picks- Black I Makeup Kit
                          Their makeup palettes and compacts
                          Products from their Sabaya, 22K
                          and Minx makeup line
                          Makeup Tools

Visit their official website (you can also find their store locations throughout the kingdom)-

Mikyajy official Facebook page-

 Look from the Groovy Compacts Color Palette- Mikyajy

What are YOUR favorite products from Mikyajy?