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Our very first guest post submission is by Sumaiyya Naseem
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Assalaamualaikum ladies!

Hope you all are doing wonderful!

It's literally been a couple of months since I took the time out and wrote a post. Apart from that making me an awful and failure blogger, it also makes me a busy person!

I feel super happy that this first post after months is a guest post on Vicinity Makeup- a beauty blog of two amazing girls who happen to be sisters and two of my favorite people on earth. :D (You didn't have to say that ya know :-* -vicinitymakeup)

I want to waste no time and get to the point. I haven't used shampoo or ANY other chemical on my hair for almost 3 weeks now! No, I don't have monkey hair or hair that looks like it needs serious work. In fact, I've never loved my hair as much before!

I've always had major hair issues. I am still not completely satisfied with my hair, but it's definitely MUCH better than it used to be.

So, if I haven't been using ANY shampoo, what have I been using - you'd ask?

Home made shampoothie! I've come across a dozen of recipes for home made shampoo, but the one that attracted me  like a zombie to human, was the cucumber and lemon shampoothie.

It's extremely simple to make.

Here's what you'll need:

Cucumbers - 2-3
Lemon- 1

Now, depending on the condition of your hair - dry/oily/normal- you'll decide the amount of the cucumber and lemon.
The cucumber conditions the hair, so if you have dry hair, use more cucumber.
The lemon cleans the hair, and it's acidic, so use a couple of lemons for oily hair and a lemon OR half for dry hair. The amount is completely up to you!

My hair is sort of oily, but not extremely oily. So I use 3 cucumbers, and a lemon. I also have normal length hair, not more than 1.5 inches below my shoulders.

Here's what you'll do -

Cut up each cucumber after peeling it (it's ok if you don't peel it) into three parts. Peel off the outer covering of the lemon. You could use this later for seasoning chicken or something.
Now make a smoothie of the lemon and cucumber in your juicer, transfer the mix to a container that you can take to your bathroom. I use a plastic mug that I got specifically for this.

After you rinse your hair, turn your head down and start applying at the roots. The smoothie will be - smoothie-ish; like juice. Massage at the roots and soak your hair with the juice.

After a few minutes (3-5) rinse off your hair and avoid tangling it up if possible. I comb my hair before applying and it helps.

The only problem with this is that you'll have to dry up your hair and spend a few minutes brushing out all the white stuff that comes from the cucumber. It doesn't take me more than 15 minutes to get my hair dried up and brushed.

I do this 3-4 times a week, and twice a week I apply olive oil on my hair half an hour before taking my bath.

It's helped me a lot! I had dry hair, and it would be limp and flat by the end of the day. Now my hair feels lively and doesn't stick to my scalp.

I definitely recommend this little experiment to all of you! It suits ALL hair types!

I've decided to alter the home made shampoo I am using on a weekly basis. Once I have a second favorite, I'll share with you all!

Also, you've probably figured out by now - I'm going no poo! It means no shampoo AT ALL for as long as I go on. It's a HUGE step for me. But I feel that is whats gonna help my poor hair. And it is definitely giving me good results right now.

If you guys have any home made shampoo recipes - do share!!

I'll take pictures next time I make my shampoothie and update here :) Sorry about the lack of visuals.

One awesome thing about this particular shampoothie is the refreshing smell it leaves in the bathroom! Specially when you're shampooing your hair, you'll feel relaxed and wonderful! I do!

If you try this recipe, let us know what you think!
If you've tried something similar, please share that as well!

Have a great weekend!!

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