New Products from LUSH (Summer 2014)

Peace, dear readers!

How are you doing today? Ramadan Mubarak to all! May Allah Most Loving make this our best one yet! 

If you follow me Instagram, you may have seen me post about some Lush goodies a while back:

These are part of the new launch for Summer 2014. I still don't know whether these are Limited Edition or not- so I will check back later and inform you guys if they are. (Update: I messaged Lush's UAE page on Facebook about this and they informed me that this will be available all year around. Yay!)

In the meantime, enjoy some launch pictures!

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

African Paradise Body Conditioner

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb

Zest Styling Gelly

Parsley Porridge


Which one of these do you have your eye on? I'm particularly intrigued by the D'Fluff Shave Cream and Parsley Porridge Soap (herbal anti bacterial soap that's good for dry skin? Sign me up!).