Guest Post: How To Make An Elegant Perfume Last All Day

Learn the art of making your perfume last all 
day with Zohoor AlReef.


The scent of a beautiful perfume shouldn’t be a fleeting luxury; it should last all day. And while there’s a true art to making a fragrance last longer, even the lightest, most delicate perfume can be made to linger by mastering the art of applying it. 

The first golden rule is to always apply your perfume to the skin before dressing. Heat and chemical reactions activate your perfume’s aroma, so you can maximise its effectiveness by applying it to the body rather than to clothing. The perfect place to apply perfume is at your pulse points – where your heart rate can be felt through blood vessels that lie close to the skin. The warmth of your blood at these points will activate the perfume, making it even more fragrant and noticeable. Being strategic is essential, so apply it to your temple, below the ear lobe, inside the wrist and elbow and at the base of the throat to produce maximum effect.

Dabbing is likely to leave much of the perfume on your fingertips, so spraying your perfume is always best. Spray the perfume about 20cm (8 inches) away from the skin to apply the fragrance across a wider area. And most importantly, avoid rubbing the perfume after you’ve applied it as this will break down the molecules and “crush the fragrance” – potentially making it disappear completely.

Use other products with the same scent

The best way to ensure a long-lasting fragrance is not just to rely on perfume. Fragrance gift sets that contain several different products with the same scent are ideal for this as they allow you to incorporate a fragrance into your whole beauty regime.

Enhance the rich scent of your perfume with scented shower gels, moisturisers and deodorants that can be bought all together for a complete perfume experience.

Adapt your perfume to seasonal changes

If you’re worried that the scent of your perfume isn’t lasting very long, it could actually be linked to seasonal changes in the weather. Heat encourages chemical reactions that release fragrances and create stronger scents; so on those warm summer nights you probably won’t need to apply as much as usual.

Heat also speeds up evaporation so if you’re wearing a light eau de parfum or eau de toilette, you’ll probably need to reapply it more often in hot weather. And in winter, the cooler weather will lead to slower chemical reactions and fragrances that develop gradually and with less intensity. So in winter, you may just need to give your perfume that extra spritz to ensure it stays fragrant. This would also be an ideal time to start using scented toiletries that enhance the scent of your perfume.

Store your perfume well

Making your perfume longer is not just about how you apply it; it’s also about how you store it. Storing your perfume badly can make it lose its scent and if certain new chemical compounds are formed, it could start to irritate your skin or develop an unpleasant smell.

The best way to preserve your perfumes is to store them in cool, dry conditions away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. Avoid keeping them in the bathroom as this will allow humid air to infiltrate the bottle.

Finally, buy your perfume in a spray bottle to let in less air and protect it against evaporation and contamination. Following these storage tips will keep it at its best for as long as possible and if your perfume is in its optimum condition, it’ll last longer on your skin too.

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