African Paradise Body Conditioner by Lush Cosmetics - Review

African Paradise is my first product from Lush that I've tried--- and finished entirely already!

Yes, it's that good.

This is an all natural body conditioner by Lush. Now, body conditioner is something we don't get to hear about every day, so allow me to explain...

Essentially, this body conditioner is to the body what hair conditioner is to hair. After washing the body with soap/shower gel as usual, you take some amount of this conditioner, smooth it over the body, and then rinse it off. Result: instant moisture!

You are free to skip your post-shower body moisturizer after using this- it's that good! If you find applying body moisturizer a chore- this will make hydrating your body ten times easier, quicker, and less messy!

Having dry skin issues day in and out, this conditioner relieved me from using my daily hand cream. Alhamdullilah. A good result with this product has held true for me, and I hope it does for you too!

Review card time!
Decide for yourself if you think this is something that will be worth a look :)

So, comment below and let me know- do you think this will be helpful in your body care routine? Why/why not? I'd love to know! ^_^

If you have dry skin issues like myself- do give this a try. I'm positive you'll benefit from it as much as I did!

In other news, I'm contemplating a regular 'chat' post series of sorts on here like I'm doing for my personal blog. Mainly because I feel it's fun to talk about a variety of things in one short post every now and then! However, I haven't found a series idea yet. If you have some ideas, please share! It could be anything beauty related or a mix of beauty and life. I'm just really out of ideas at the moment and would appreciate any input!

See you in my next post!

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