Favourite Of The Moment: Rimmel Lipstick in 214 Firecracker

You know how sometimes, we think we want something having a clear idea about it but then end up loving something else altogether? Yes, that is pretty much the story with this lipstick.

I've always thought that my to-go lipstick will be a MLBB- "My Lips But Better" kind of shade. Up until now, I haven't found my ideal MLBB so I didn't have a go-to lipstick as a result. Until I tried Rimmel's lipstick in Firecracker that is. (I know I probably sound way too dramatic than I should, but hey! That is  how the story goes hahah :D )

I shared a 'Show & Tell' on Instagram with this lipstick a few months ago. It was part of my *cough*splurge*cough* lipstick haul (lol!).

Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in Firecracker (214) is quite a unique colour. I would say it's in the Coral category, yet it lacks a kind of neon effect in the way coral colours are usually portrayed. 

It has the slightest hint of an almost 'burnt orange' that makes it one of a kind. It's far more wearable in person and on the lips than you see in the swatch (see pictures below). I am absolutely loving this right now! I kid you not- this has actually become my go-to lip colour! Something that I totally  did not expect. I can also see this looking amazing on a variety of skin tones (I am an NC15 in case you are wondering!).

Not only is this a beautiful shade but it is also non-drying, does not travel outside the lip line unnecessarily (a problem I've come across with quite a few lipsticks!), it makes your lips look lush, does not wear off in an unsightly manner, and has some of the best longevity I've experience with a lip product!

This goes with pretty much any kind of makeup look! It especially looks beautiful with a minimal, warm toned makeup look-- clean base, lightly bronzed face, peach blush, a neutral highlighter, champagne shadow, dark mascara, and this lipstick = love! At the same time, it looks equally fabulous with a heavier eye look! 

This lipstick is all the rage  in my makeup routine at the moment. Really!

Which makeup product has sweeping you off your feet these days? Share the love! ^_^

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